You know how it is—you wake up on a chilly winter’s morning and you don’t even want to leave your bed, let alone go out and get on with your busy day! Alas, life does not stop during winter, and neither should you. Here are some tips on how to stay motivated during the frostier months!

Stay warm

Apart from the cold, winter’s not so bad, right? So attack the problem at the source! There are a lot of great ways to beat the cold—electric blankets, slippers, hot water bottles. Thinking up clever new ways to stay warm is half the fun of winter. For example, try ironing your clothes before putting them on in the morning to stay toasty!

Get a new winter wardrobe

Head out and do some guilt-free shopping for hot new jackets, jumpers, woollen headwear, anything cosy for winter. If you’re excited about your winter weather outfit, you’ll be excited to head out and show it to everyone—which is a great way to stay motivated to leave your bed in the morning

Change your diet

Indulge in some warming winter food to stay energised and ready for the long cold months! Some favourites you should try out are  big hearty stew, some minestrone soup, or a spicy curry. And if you have some piping hot porridge in the morning, you’ll definitely be ready for whatever cold winds the day wants to blow at you!

Take up some indoor hobbies

Winter isn’t the best time for outdoor team sports or late night walks in the park! Make some plans for things to do when it’s just too miserable to leave the house. Marathons of your favourite show, revisiting some of your beloved books, or even doing some arts and crafts are all great ideas to stop you from daydreaming about summer all night!

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